Animal Crossing: New Horizons won’t support cloud saves to avoid people manipulating time, amiibo will be supported – GoNintendo

A bit of good news, bad news with Animal Crossing: New Horizons has come in. Gamekult had an interview with Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ director Aya Kyogoku and producer Higashi Nogami, and a couple of interesting tidbits came up. Check out the details below.

Cloud saves not being supported

Higashi: New Horizons will not be compatible with cloud backups to avoid manipulating time, which remains one of the founding concepts of the series.

amiibo support

Aya: Given the number of cards and figures available, we obviously think New Horizons will be compatible with amiibo, but I can not tell you more about this compatibility at this stage of development.

Thanks to FangztheWolf for the heads up!

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