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Could latest Katy Perry outreach to Taylor Swift be a sign of a coming collaboration?

Could latest Katy Perry outreach to Taylor Swift be a sign of a coming collaboration?


Last year, Katy Perry sent Taylor Swift an olive branch as she opened a concert tour in an effort to end a long-simmering feud. On Tuesday, she followed up with cookies, at least virtual ones, in an Instagram post that included an offer of friendship.

Jubilant fans celebrated the ongoing rapprochement and as they happily speculated about the possibility of a collaboration between the two music superstars.

In her Tuesday post, Perry stated simply, “Let’s Be Friends,” in text that accompanied a picture of a plate of chocolate chip cookies surrounded by two peace signs and “PEACE AT LAST” in red icing. 

Perry then directly reached out to her fellow music superstar, “feels good 🧡 @taylorswift,” which elicited a 13-heart acceptance from Swift, for whom 13 is a lucky number.

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Perry posted a similarly worded tweet linking to the Instagram post that said, “feels good taylorswift @ Let’s Be Friends,” punctuated by an orange heart. 

Fans had long wondered about the feud between the performers, with speculation rising after Swift told Rolling Stone that “Bad Blood,” a single on her 2015 album “1989,” was about another female artist.

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feels good 🧡 taylorswift @ Let’s Be Friends https://t.co/OMUtFU1ybr

— KATY PERRY (@katyperry) June 11, 2019

Many fans expressed joy at what appears to be a growing bond between the two. Carly Heading (@carlyylalaa) responded: “my heart!!!!!”

my heart!!!!!

— Carly Heading (@carlyylalaa) June 11, 2019

@swiftiePils interpreted the Perry-Swift communication achieving an even larger connection: “The two fandoms reunited”

The two fandoms reunited 💗🌈 pic.twitter.com/LWxsL938tg

— Pils 🌸🌈 (@swiftiePils) June 12, 2019

Others, including @ErepSnake, wished to see the friendship translate to a musical pairing. 


— ErepSnake 💗👀 (@erepsnake) June 12, 2019

Neither the Instagram post nor the accompanying tweet mention the possibility of a collaboration, but Perry also dropped another cryptic Instagram post and tweet shortly before the Swift outreach that might cause fans to ask even more questions about future music plans.

With her social media messages, Perry is certainly living up to that famous showbiz phrase: Always leave them wanting more.


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