Covid updates: Death toll from global pandemic crosses one million


  1. The world’s coronavirus death toll crosses one million, with the US, Brazil and India making up nearly half of the total, according to Johns Hopkins University
  2. The UN secretary general calls it a “mind-numbing” figure and “an agonising milestone”.
  3. But the number is likely to be much higher as testing rates in many countries remain low, with virus-related deaths not being recorded
  4. More than 33 million cases have been confirmed around the world, Johns Hopkins University says
  5. The UK government reported 4,044 new cases on Monday, the third day in a row the daily total has fallen
  6. Covid and the measures associated with it are putting the UK’s health service under stress, its bosses warn
  7. The WHO agrees a deal to provide a test that can diagnose Covid-19 in minutes to low- and middle-income countries
  8. The Netherlands introduces new curbs, including working from home where possible, and limits on groups

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