Covid updates: Death toll from global pandemic nears one million


  1. The world’s coronavirus death toll nears one million, with the US, Brazil and India making up nearly half of the total
  2. It comes nearly 10 months after news began to emerge about mysterious cases of viral pneumonia in Wuhan, China
  3. More than 33 million cases have been confirmed around the world, according to Johns Hopkins University
  4. The UK has seen nearly 42,000 deaths, and cases have been rising by an average of more than 5,500 a day
  5. Nearly two-thirds of Wales’ population will be under lockdown when new restrictions are imposed in three more areas from 18:00 BST
  6. Curbs on movement are being extended to cover one million people in the Spanish capital, Madrid, and its surrounding areas
  7. The World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic on 11 March, when about 4,300 people had died
  8. At the time, the global health agency warned of “alarming levels of inaction” in the fight against the new virus

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