FBI: US soldier discussed killing activists, bombing network
Vehicles park around a water tower at Fort Riley, Kansas [FIle: Orlin Wagner/AP Photo]
Vehicles park around a water tower at Fort Riley, Kansas [FIle: Orlin Wagner/AP Photo]

A United States Army soldier shared bomb-making instructions online and also discussed killing activists and bombing a news network, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday.

Jarrett William Smith, a 24-year old private first-class infantry soldier stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas, was charged with one count of distributing information related to explosives and weapons of mass destruction.

Prosecutors allege Smith discussed his plan to kill far-left-leaning “Antifa” activists and described how to build a bomb that could be triggered by calling a mobile phone. They allege that he also said on Facebook that he was interested in travelling to Ukraine to fight with a paramilitary group known as Azov Batallion.

Court papers say Smith also suggested attacking a major news network with a car bomb. The news network was not identified.

In an online chat group, Smith allegedly discussed in August with a confidential source a plan to conduct an attack within the US and said he was looking for more “radicals” like himself, the complaint alleges. He talked about destroying nearby cell towers or a local news station.

In an interview before his arrest, Smith told investigators he knows how to make improvised explosives devices and that he routinely provides instruction on building them. He stated he did this to cause “chaos”.

AP news agency

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