Man has photoshoot with McDonald’s hash browns after night of drinking
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Still deciding what you’ll bring to Friendsgiving this year? Consider an extremely large number of McDonald’s hash browns.

Despite it being prime Thanksgiving anticipation season, we currently have potato ovals on the brain thanks to a truly stunning viral photo shoot. On Saturday, @FLJBieber, whose real name is Faustino Limon, Jr. and who has a bright future as a food photographer, tweeted out a series of images he took of his McDonald’s hash browns after a late night out.

And thank god, because they are so beautiful. Particularly the eleventh photo, which surpasses most McDonald’s ads we have seen. (And we have seen a lot of McDonald’s ads.)

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Since then, Limon has changed his Twitter bio to “Help me get free hash browns for life,” which seems like a reasonable goal. Judging by the replies, he did give McDonald’s some solid free advertising.

my bf’s dad sometimes asks me what im laughing at when i giggle so how tf am i supposed to explain to him that shit like THIS fucking sends me

— 👩🏻‍⚖️ (@relationkinks) November 19, 2018

This person deserves a reward for all the belly laughs he’s given on Twitter this morning. Behold the hashbrown! Those fuckers are GOOD!!!

— 🔥BipolarOnFire🔥 (@Bipolaronfire) November 19, 2018

Ok McD’s, this dude deserves a giftcard, coupons, or something. He advertised for yall & now im going to go get a mcgriddle, hashbrowns & OJ on killian rd in columbia, sc in about 30 mins when i get off my lazy ass. So hook dude up, ya burger peddlers.

— Solenya – the pickle man (@TheHarryBalczak) November 19, 2018

Anyway, we love art.

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