Trump ‘leaves us no choice’ says Pelosi on impeachment articles
Dec 6, 2019 — 2.35amWashington |  Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ordered Democrats to write articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, setting up within weeks a House vote to proceed with an historic Senate trial.Accusing Mr Trump of having "seriously violated the constitution", Ms Pelosi said on Thursday (Friday AEDT) that Democrats have no choice but to…
Ford workers break their silence on faulty transmissions: ‘My hands are dirty. I feel horrible’
They knew the truth and kept quiet. Their secret wasn’t a secret at all in engineering, product development, research, design or manufacturing within Ford Motor Co., say seven current and former employees who worked to develop and launch the Fiesta and Focus cars that would become known for defective automatic transmissions. An engineer who played a…
How ‘Star Wars’ creator George Lucas spends his $6.4 billion fortune – Business Insider
"Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" creator George Lucas has an estimated net worth of $6.4 billion. Take an inside look at his billions.
Saudi Arabia denies pushing OPEC allies to commit to a deeper round of production cuts, source says – CNBC
OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia has denied pursuing a deeper round of production cuts, one oil official told CNBC on Thursday.
The environmental impact of a PlayStation 4 – The Verge
Sony’s PlayStation 4 is designed to feel impenetrable. The machine — jet black, almost brutalist in shape — conceals its function to the untrained eye. Power on and disk eject buttons, as well as the actual disk drive, are almost invisible. It’s as if Sony hopes to imbue the object with a sense of mystery…