Tencent Announces Brand New Sci-Fi Shooter SYNCED: Off-Planet – Gamescom 2019 – IGN
Global publishing giant Tencent has announced a brand new sci-fi shooter, SYNCED: Off-Planet, in partnership with NVIDIA.Officially unveiled at NVIDIA’s showcase at Gamescom, SYNCED: Off-Planet combines survival, crafting and base-building with a PvPvE experience with up to 50 players, and 1000 corrupted human cyborgs called Nanos. It is being developed by NExT Studios as part of Tencent.

SYNCED: Off-Planet is centered on personal and group survival. It tasks you with preparing your group and crafting gear, as well as escorting survivors to shuttles leaving earth. Players will compete against each other to get “off-planet”, but also attempt to survive against swarms of Nanos, which are ex-humans turned marauding cyborgs.

You can see the first gameplay for Synced exclusively on IGN here.

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