WAM Microcap, Bevan Slattery back AUCloud in fresh fund raise

Following these concerns, the government is now considering restricting foreign cloud companies from handling certain government data sets – which could prove to be a major win for small local players like AUCloud.

“With all the negative press around the COVIDSAFE app – we think the issue around sovereignty is going to increase,” Mr Oberg told The Australian Financial Review.

“It will be a bullish time for software providers. As a pure play company in this space – the demand for cloud providers that are Australian owned as opposed to the global behemoths like Azure or AWS, will increase. Particularity with their exposure to government departments such as defence and key industries like financial services.”

Tech entrepreneur Bevan Slattery was a seed investor in AUCloud.  Tertius Pickard

AUCloud is Australia’s sovereign cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider. It is exclusively focused on government and critical national infrastructure industry communities.

Mr Oberg said he is seeing increased demand for Australian-domiciled businesses across different sectors. Australian-owned AUCloud fits into this theme in relation to the storage of data, particularly for sensitive material within government departments

He added that recent cyber attacks at companies such as Lion and Toll Group will redirect work to specialist cloud providers.

“AUCloud offers the security, the compliance and they have an increased level of efficiency and productivity to their clients,” he said. “They also have a successful partner channel with some of the largest software companies in the world.”

Ms Reid said AUCloud is targeting profitability this financial year as the importance for sovereign based security has been heightened by recent events, driving up demand for specialist providers.

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