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Would you have gotten these 10 ‘Jeopardy!’ questions right? James Holzhauer didn’t

Would you have gotten these 10 ‘Jeopardy!’ questions right? James Holzhauer didn’t


“Jeopardy!” contestant James Holzhauer continues to break the game show’s records.

James Holzhauer has finally reached the end of his historic 33-game “Jeopardy!” run. 

The 34-year-old professional gambler earned a total of $2,464,216, just $56,000 short of the all-time non-tournament record set by Ken Jennings in 2004, when he walked away with $2,520,700.

Holzhauer rarely got questions wrong during his impressive run, and Monday was no exception: He finished his final game with the correct answer. But his loss was more the result of an uncharacteristically low wager.

Still, there were a handful of clues over his nearly two-month “Jeopardy!” stint that stumped even the master, chronicled by J! Archive. Would you have gotten any of these right? 

1. A 2016 interview with this Batman actor found him looking sad; the internet then made him the meme we deserve.

Category: DON’T TREAD ON MEME for $400 (April 4)

Holzhauer’s answer: Who is Christian Bale?

Correct answer: Who is Ben Affleck?

2. A common sight was walking around Monet who worked outdoors, as in a cliff walk in this Channel-side French region.

MONET-PUNNY for $600 (April 5)

Holzhauer’s answer: What is Brittany?

Correct answer: What is Normandy? 

3. Modern auto safety took a big step in ’66 as LBJ signed bills mandating seat belts & rupture-resistant these.

ROOT ’66 for $600 (April 8)

Holzhauer’s answer: What are air bags?

Correct answer: What are fuel tanks? 

4. At the Montreux Jazz Festival, you might see smoke on the water of this Swiss lake’s shoreline.

MUSIC FESTIVALS for $1200 (April 9)

Holzhauer’s answer: What is Lucerne?

Correct answer: What is Lake Geneva?

5. Constitution Day is September 17; this related set is celebrated every December 15.

HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES for $3,000 (Daily Double, April 10)

Holzhauer’s answer: What are the Articles of Confederation? 

Correct answer: What is the Bill of Rights? 

6. On July 21, 1861 the Union attacked the Confederates near a stone bridge crossing this creek in the first battle of it.

THE CIVIL WAR for $400 (April 10)

Holzhauer’s answer: What is Manassas? 

Correct answer: What is the First Battle of Bull Run? 

7. The portal vein brings venous blood to the liver, while this artery brings oxygenated arterial blood.

BREAKS & LIVERS for $1,000 (Daily Double, April 29)

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Holzhauer’s answer: What is the pulmonary?

Correct answer: What is the hepatic? 

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8. Stove placement of lower priority items.

HEY, “B.B.” for $200 (May 2)

Holzhauer’s answer: What is the bottom burner?

Correct answer: What is the back burner? 

9. In 1965 John Irving entered this Midwest school’s prestigious writers workshop & worked with Kurt Vonnegut.


Holzhauer’s answer: What is Indiana?

Correct answer: What is Iowa? 

10. This train sung of by blues artists got its name from its 12:05 A.M. departure en route to Parchman Penitentiary.


Holzhauer’s answer: What is “Midnight Train to Georgia?” 

Correct answer: What is the “Midnight Special”?


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