Zoono Group on the defence over COVID-19 claims

“We are not making that claim in any country,” Mr Hyslop told The Australian Financial Review. “(I do have) a test result from a Commonwealth country, but I’m not prepared to name it because it’s too contentious. If we start to make the 30 day COVID claim, it’s too contentious because it gets on social media and goes all around the world and we get issues.”

Mr Hyslop added he is satisfied Zoono’s product is effective for 30 days, and so are many of its customers.

“We recently engaged an independent laboratory to check how our product was performing in UK Rail, they tested 23 trains and over 70 hot touch points for COVID, E.coli and Staph, and all surfaces were found to still be sterile after 30 days,” he said.

Mr Hyslop said he is building a compelling case with new data and will re-engage with UK regulators with the time is appropriate.

He added Zoono has had meaningful talks with US EPA which is advising on what sort of longevity testing will be acceptable. “Longevity” is related to any time frame tested longer than 10 seconds when a product will function against bacteria or a virus.

Mr Hyslop said that Zoono’s business model is to develop “smart chemicals that bond to surfaces and deliver long term protection so we use much less chemicals” and Zoono has snared business off larger chemical and sanitation companies, who are “bound to be upset.”

Asked if he should have waited for a 30 day protocol to be put in place first by regulators before making such a claim, Mr Hylsop strongly disagreed.

“It’s a public health issue: would you rather be on a crowded underground train treated by Zoono or one that had not been treated by Zoono?” he said. “Our technology is a major point of difference compared with other chemical products.”

Mr Hyslop also pointed to Zoono doing a trial in NHS hospitals in the UK in COVID-19 wards with “compelling” results, while United Airlines is also now using its product and so is Amazon in its 242 distribution centres.

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